Ali Shaaban
Ali Shaaban
Special Researcher (東工大特別研究員), Tokyo Institute of Technology
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
عدد مرات الاقتباسات
Nanocrystalline soft ferromagnetic Ni–Co–P thin film on Al alloy by low temperature electroless deposition
AA Aal, A Shaaban, ZA Hamid
Applied Surface Science 254 (7), 1966-1971, 2008
Process and performance of hot dip zinc coatings containing ZnO and Ni–P under layers as barrier protection
ZA Hamid, AA Aal, HB Hassan, A Shaaban
Applied surface science 256 (13), 4166-4170, 2010
Effects of Nano Metal Coatings on Growth Kinetics of α-Al2O3 Formed on Ni-50Al Alloy
A Shaaban, S Hayashi, K Azumi
Oxidation of metals 82 (1-2), 85-97, 2014
Promotion of α-Al2O3 formation on an Ni–Al alloy using a Ni–Fe2O3 nano-composite seeding layer
A Shaaban, S Hayashi, K Azumi
Surface and Coatings Technology 266, 113-121, 2015
Effects of a NiFe co-deposited layer on α-Al2O3 formation by oxidation of a β-NiAl alloy
A Shaaban, S Hayashi, K Azumi
Surface and Coatings Technology 325, 673-681, 2017
Electrodeposition of CoMoP thin film as diffusion barrier layer for ULSI applications
Z Abdel Hamid, A Abdel Aal, A SHAABAN, HB Hassan
Surface & coatings technology 203 (24), 3692-3700, 2009
Effects of water vapor and nitrogen on oxidation of TNM alloy at 650° C
A Shaaban, S Hayashi, M Takeyama
Corrosion Science 158, 108080, 2019
Influence of NiAl2O4 spinel formation on the oxidation behavior of the Ni50Al alloy at 1273 K in air
A Shaaban
Surface and Coatings Technology 379, 125023, 2019
Design Approaches and Achievements of Novel Wrought TiAl Alloys for Jet Engine Applications
MT Hideki Wakabayashi, Loris J. Signori, Ali Shaaban, Ryosuke Yamagata ...
MRS Advances, 2019
Phase Equilibria Among β/α/α2/γ Phases and Phase Transformations in Ti-Al-Cr System at Elevated Temperatures
MT Ali Shaaban, Hideki Wakabayashi, Hirotoyo Nakashima
MRS Advances, 2019
Oxidation behavior or TiAl alloy in the atmospheres containing water vapor at 650 C
S Hayashi, A Shaaban, M Takeyama, J Sato
Effect of Nano Metallic Coatings on Growth Kinetics of α-Al2O3 Formed on Ni50% Al
AM Shaaban
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