T. Alharbi
T. Alharbi
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
Gamma, neutron shielding and mechanical parameters for lead vanadate glasses
IS Mahmoud, SAM Issa, YB Saddeek, HO Tekin, O Kilicoglu, T Alharbi, ...
Ceramics International 45 (11), 14058-14072, 2019
Electromagnetic transition rates in the N= 80 nucleus 58 138 Ce
T Alharbi, PH Regan, PJR Mason, N Mărginean, Z Podolyák, AM Bruce, ...
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Tailoring the electrical and photo-electrical properties of a WS 2 field effect transistor by selective n-type chemical doping
MW Iqbal, MZ Iqbal, MF Khan, MA Kamran, A Majid, T Alharbi, J Eom
RSC advances 6 (29), 24675-24682, 2016
Structural investigations on some cadmium-borotellurate glasses using ultrasonic, FT-IR and X-ray techniques
MS Gaafar, I Shaarany, T Alharbi
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 616, 625-632, 2014
Half-life of the yrast state in W: Evolution of deformation and collectivity in neutron-rich tungsten isotopes
PJR Mason, Z Podolyak, N Mărginean, PH Regan, PD Stevenson, ...
Physical Review C 88 (4), 044301, 2013
K-mixing in the doubly mid-shell nuclide 170Dy and the role of vibrational degeneracy
PA Söderström, PM Walker, J Wu, HL Liu, PH Regan, H Watanabe, ...
Physics Letters B 762, 404-408, 2016
Long-lived K isomer and enhanced γ vibration in the neutron-rich nucleus 172Dy: Collectivity beyond double midshell
H Watanabe, GX Zhang, K Yoshida, PM Walker, JJ Liu, J Wu, PH Regan, ...
Physics Letters B 760, 641-646, 2016
Half-life of the intruder state in P: transition strengths approaching the island of inversion
PJR Mason, T Alharbi, PH Regan, N Mărginean, Z Podolyak, EC Simpson, ...
Physical Review C 85 (6), 064303, 2012
Large tunable luminescence by Mn (II) aggregates in Mn-doped ZnS nanobelts
MA Kamran, A Majid, T Alharbi, MW Iqbal, MW Amjad, G Nabi, S Zou, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (34), 8749-8757, 2017
Precision lifetime measurements using LaBr3 detectors with stable and radioactive beams
PH Regan, Z Podolyák, T Alharbi, PJR Mason, AM Bruce, C Townsley, ...
EPJ Web of Conferences 63, 01008, 2013
Principal Component Analysis for pulse-shape discrimination of scintillation radiation detectors
T Alharbi
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2016
Transfer factors for natural radioactivity into date palm pits
MA Shayeb, T Alharbi, MA Baloch, OAR Alsamhan
Journal of Environmental radioactivity 167, 75-79, 2017
Cluster decay half-lives of trans-lead nuclei based on a finite-range nucleon–nucleon interaction
A Adel, T Alharbi
Nuclear Physics A 958, 187-201, 2017
Strontium phosphide-polyaniline composites for high performance supercapattery devices
MZ Iqbal, MM Faisal, SR Ali, AM Afzal, MRA Karim, MA Kamran, T Alharbi
Ceramics International 46 (8), 10203-10214, 2020
Study of the TiO2 effect on the heavy metals oxides borosilicate glasses structure using gamma-ray spectroscopy and positron annihilation technique
T Alharbi, HFM Mohamed, YB Saddeek, AY El-Haseib, KS Shaaban
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 164, 108345, 2019
Mechanical and nuclear shielding properties of sodium cadmium borate glasses: impact of cadmium oxide additive
YB Saddeek, SAM Issa, T Alharbi, K Aly, M Ahmad, HO Tekin
Ceramics International 46 (3), 2661-2669, 2020
Improvement of radiation shielding properties of some tellurovanadate based glasses
YB Saddeek, SAM Issa, T Alharbi, HO Tekin, O Kilicoglu, TT Erguzel, ...
Physica Scripta 95 (3), 035402, 2020
Lifetime of the yrast state and hindrance in the transitional nucleus
T Alharbi, PH Regan, N Mărginean, Z Podolyak, OJ Roberts, AM Bruce, ...
Physical Review C 91 (2), 027302, 2015
Cu2O/TiO2 nanoporous thin-film heterojunctions: Fabrication and electrical characterization
S Hussain, C Cao, WS Khan, G Nabi, Z Usman, A Majid, T Alharbi, Z Ali, ...
Materials science in semiconductor processing 25, 181-185, 2014
Measurements of natural radioactivity in infant formula and radiological risk assessment
E Jemii, T Alharbi
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 315 (2), 157-161, 2018
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