Daphne Ezer
Daphne Ezer
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
عدد مرات الاقتباسات
Phytochromes function as thermosensors in Arabidopsis
JH Jung, M Domijan, C Klose, S Biswas, D Ezer, M Gao, AK Khattak, ...
Science 354 (6314), 886-889, 2016
The evening complex coordinates environmental and endogenous signals in Arabidopsis
D Ezer, JH Jung, H Lan, S Biswas, L Gregoire, MS Box, V Charoensawan, ...
Nature plants 3 (7), 17087, 2017
Homotypic clusters of transcription factor binding sites: A model system for understanding the physical mechanics of gene expression
D Ezer, NR Zabet, B Adryan
Computational and structural biotechnology journal 10 (17), 63-69, 2014
The G-box transcriptional regulatory code in Arabidopsis
D Ezer, SJK Shepherd, A Brestovitsky, P Dickinson, S Cortijo, ...
Plant physiology 175 (2), 628-640, 2017
Physical constraints determine the logic of bacterial promoter architectures
D Ezer, NR Zabet, B Adryan
Nucleic acids research 42 (7), 4196-4207, 2014
Determining physical mechanisms of gene expression regulation from single cell gene expression data
D Ezer, V Moignard, B Göttgens, B Adryan
PLoS computational biology 12 (8), e1005072, 2016
Canonical and single-cell Hi-C reveal distinct chromatin interaction sub-networks of mammalian transcription factors
X Ma, D Ezer, B Adryan, TJ Stevens
Genome biology 19 (1), 1-23, 2018
Reliable scaling of position weight matrices for binding strength comparisons between transcription factors
X Ma, D Ezer, C Navarro, B Adryan
BMC bioinformatics 16 (1), 265, 2015
The evening complex coordinates environmental and endogenous signals in
D Ezer, JH Jung, H Lan, S Biswas, L Gregoire, MS Box, V Charoensawan, ...
Arabidopsis, 2017
Crowdsourcing: Spatial clustering of low-affinity binding sites amplifies in vivo transcription factor occupancy
J Malin, D Ezer, X Ma, S Mount, H Karathia, SG Park, B Adryan, ...
BioRxiv, 024398, 2015
The Evening Complex establishes repressive chromatin domains via H2A. Z deposition
M Tong, K Lee, D Ezer, S Cortijo, J Jung, V Charoensawan, MS Box, ...
Plant physiology 182 (1), 612-625, 2020
Point of View: Data science for the scientific life cycle
D Ezer, K Whitaker
eLife 8, e43979, 2019
NITPicker: selecting time points for follow-up experiments
D Ezer, J Keir
BMC bioinformatics 20 (1), 166, 2019
A mass participatory experiment provides a rich temporal profile of temperature response in spring onions
A Brestovitsky, D Ezer
Plant direct 3 (3), e00126, 2019
Selection of time points for costly experiments: a comparison between human intuition and computer-aided experimental design
D Ezer, JC Keir
BioRxiv, 301796, 2018
AI for social good: unlocking the opportunity for positive impact
N Tomašev, J Cornebise, F Hutter, S Mohamed, A Picciariello, B Connelly, ...
Nature Communications 11 (1), 1-6, 2020
Reconstructing Genotypes in Private Genomic Databases from Genetic Risk Scores
B Paige, J Bell, A Bellet, A Gascón, D Ezer
International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology, 266-268, 2020
PAFway: pairwise associations between functional annotations in biological networks and pathways
M Mahjoub, D Ezer
York, 2019
DEK influences the trade-off between growth and arrest via H2A. Z-nucleosomes in Arabidopsis
A Brestovitsky, D Ezer, S Waidmann, SL Maslen, M Balcerowicz, S Cortijo, ...
BioRxiv, 829226, 2019
Plant Physiology: Out in the Midday Sun, Plants Keep Their Cool
D Ezer, PA Wigge
Current Biology 27 (1), R28-R30, 2017
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