Zheng Jia (贾铮)
Zheng Jia (贾铮)
Hundred-Talents-Plan Professor (研究员)
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
عدد مرات الاقتباسات
Tin anode for sodium-ion batteries using natural wood fiber as a mechanical buffer and electrolyte reservoir
H Zhu*, Z Jia* (Co-first author), Y Chen, N Weadock, J Wan, O Vaaland, ...
Nano letters 13 (7), 3093-3100, 2013
Processing bulk natural wood into a high-performance structural material
J Song, C Chen, S Zhu, M Zhu, J Dai, U Ray, Y Li, Y Kuang, Y Li, ...
Nature 554 (7691), 224-228, 2018
Atomic-layer-deposition oxide nanoglue for sodium ion batteries
X Han*, Y Liu*, Z Jia* (Co-first author), YC Chen, J Wan, N Weadock, ...
Nano letters 14 (1), 139-147, 2013
Anomalous scaling law of strength and toughness of cellulose nanopaper
H Zhu*, S Zhu*, Z Jia* (Co-first author), S Parvinian, Y Li, O Vaaland, L Hu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (29), 8971-8976, 2015
Lithium-assisted electrochemical welding in silicon nanowire battery electrodes
K Karki, E Epstein, JH Cho, Z Jia, T Li, ST Picraux, C Wang, J Cumings
Nano letters 12 (3), 1392-1397, 2012
A Beaded-String Silicon Anode
CF Sun*, K Karki*, Z Jia* (Co-first author), H Liao, Y Zhang, T Li, Y Qi, ...
ACS nano, 2013
Hybrid hydrogel sheets that undergo pre-programmed shape transformations
Z Wei, Z Jia, J Athas, C Wang, SR Raghavan, T Li, Z Nie
Soft Matter 10 (41), 8157-8162, 2014
Failure mechanics of organic–inorganic multilayer permeation barriers in flexible electronics
Z Jia, MB Tucker, T Li
Composites Science and Technology 71 (3), 365-372, 2011
Two dimensional silicon nanowalls for lithium ion batteries
J Wan*, AF Kaplan*, Z Jia* (Co-first author), X Han, Y Chen, NJ Weadock, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (17), 6051-6057, 2014
In situ electro-mechanical experiments and mechanics modeling of tensile cracking in indium tin oxide thin films on polyimide substrates
C Peng, Z Jia, D Bianculli, T Li, J Lou
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (10), 103530, 2011
Stress-modulated driving force for lithiation reaction in hollow nano-anodes
Z Jia, T Li
Journal of Power Sources 275, 866-876, 2015
In Situ Electro‐Mechanical Experiments and Mechanics Modeling of Fracture in Indium Tin Oxide‐Based Multilayer Electrodes
C Peng, Z Jia, H Neilson, T Li, J Lou
Advanced Engineering Materials 15 (4), 250-256, 2013
A map of competing buckling-driven failure modes of substrate-supported thin brittle films
Z Jia, C Peng, J Lou, T Li
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Size-dependent rupture strain of elastically stretchable metal conductors
O Graudejus, Z Jia, T Li, S Wagner
Scripta materialia 66 (11), 919-922, 2012
Intrinsic stress mitigation via elastic softening during two-step electrochemical lithiation of amorphous silicon
Z Jia, T Li
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 91, 278-290, 2016
3D printing of ultralight biomimetic hierarchical graphene materials with exceptional stiffness and resilience
M Peng, Z Wen, L Xie, J Cheng, Z Jia, D Shi, H Zeng, B Zhao, Z Liang, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (35), 1902930, 2019
Failure mechanics of a wrinkling thin film anode on a substrate under cyclic charging and discharging
Z Jia, T Li
Extreme Mechanics Letters 8, 273-282, 2016
Rate-dependent stress evolution in nanostructured Si anodes upon lithiation
Z Jia, WK Liu
Applied Physics Letters 109 (16), 163903, 2016
Reprogrammable ultra-fast shape-transformation of macroporous composite hydrogel sheets
H Guo, J Cheng, J Wang, P Huang, Y Liu, Z Jia, X Chen, K Sui, T Li, Z Nie
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 5 (16), 2883-2887, 2017
Necking limit of substrate-supported metal layers under biaxial in-plane loading
Z Jia, T Li
International Journal of Plasticity 51, 65-79, 2013
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