Nabil Killiny
Nabil Killiny
Associate Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Florida
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Citrus tristeza virus-based RNAi in citrus plants induces gene silencing in Diaphorina citri, a phloem-sap sucking insect vector of citrus greening disease (Huanglongbing)
S Hajeri, N Killiny, C El-Mohtar, WO Dawson, S Gowda
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Double-stranded RNA uptake through topical application, mediates silencing of five CYP4 genes and suppresses insecticide resistance in Diaphorina citri
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Silencing abnormal wing disc gene of the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri disrupts adult wing development and increases nymph mortality
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PloS one 8 (5), e65392, 2013
Better Together: Association With ‘Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus’ Increases the Reproductive Fitness of Its Insect Vector, Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae)
KS Pelz-Stelinski, N Killiny
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 109 (3), 371-376, 2016
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The abundant extrachromosomal DNA content of the Spiroplasma citri GII3-3X genome
C Saillard, P Carle, S Duret-Nurbel, R Henri, N Killiny, S Carrère, J Gouzy, ...
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Identification of a Spiroplasma citri hydrophilic protein associated with insect transmissibility
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Possible role of plant volatiles in tolerance against huanglongbing in citrus
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Contribution of rpfB to Cell-to-Cell Signal Synthesis, Virulence, and Vector Transmission of Xylella fastidiosa
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Factors affecting the initial adhesion and retention of the plant pathogen Xylella fastidiosa in the foregut of an insect vector
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Applied and environmental microbiology 80 (1), 420-426, 2014
Viability of ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ Prolonged by Addition of Citrus Juice to Culture Medium
JK Parker, SR Wisotsky, EG Johnson, FM Hijaz, N Killiny, ME Hilf, ...
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Disrupting the transmission of a vector-borne plant pathogen
N Killiny, A Rashed, RPP Almeida
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RNA interference of two glutathione S‐transferase genes, Diaphorina citri DcGSTe2 and DcGSTd1, increases the susceptibility of Asian citrus psyllid (Hemiptera …
X Yu, N Killiny
Pest management science 74 (3), 638-647, 2018
Double‐stranded RNA delivery through soaking mediates silencing of the muscle protein 20 and increases mortality to the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri
X Yu, S Gowda, N Killiny
Pest management science 73 (9), 1846-1853, 2017
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