Collins U. Ibeji
Collins U. Ibeji
Lecturer, Pure and Industrial Chemistry, University of Nigeria/University of Kwazulu Natal
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Cited by
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The catalytic role of water in the binding site of l, d-transpeptidase 2 within acylation mechanism: a QM/MM (ONIOM) modelling
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Beetroot supplemented diet exhibit anti-amnesic effect via modulation of cholinesterases, purinergic enzymes, monoamine oxidase and attenuation of redox imbalance in the brain …
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Synthesis and characterization of Cu (II), Co (II) and Ni (II) complexes of a benzohydrazone derivative: Spectroscopic, DFT, antipathogenic and DNA binding studies
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Journal of Molecular Structure 1183, 107-117, 2019
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