A.I. Shawky
A.I. Shawky
Professor of Mathematical Statistics
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عنوانعدد مرات الاقتباساتالسنة
The single-server machine interference model with balking, reneging and an additional server for longer queues
AI Shawky
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AI Shawky
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Certain characterizations of the exponentiated gamma distribution
AI Shawky, RA Bakoban
in JATA, 2008
Estimations and prediction from the inverse Rayleigh model based on lower record statistics
AI Shawky, MM Badr
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Modified goodness-of-fit tests for exponentiated gamma distribution with unknown shape parameter
AI Shawky, RA Bakoban
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The truncated Hyper-Poisson queues: Hk/Ma, b/C/N with balking, reneging and general bulk service rule
AI Shawky, MS El-Paoumy
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research 18 (1), 23-36, 2008
On a stress–strength model in Burr of type III
AI Shawky, FH Al-Kashkari
Metron-International Journal of Statistics 65 (3), 371-385, 2007
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