Ahmed Ibrahim Abd-Elhamid
Ahmed Ibrahim Abd-Elhamid
Advanced Technology and New Materials Research Institute, City of Scientific Research and
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Enhanced removal of cationic dye by eco-friendly activated biochar derived from rice straw
AI Abd-Elhamid, M Emran, MH El-Sadek, AA El-Shanshory, HMA Soliman, ...
Applied Water Science 10, 1-11, 2020
Evaluation of graphene oxide-activated carbon as effective composite adsorbent toward the removal of cationic dyes: Composite preparation, characterization and adsorption …
HFA , A.I.Abd-Elhamid, Elbadawy A.Kamoun, Ahmed A.El-Shanshory, Hesham M.A ...
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Adsorption of crystal violet and methylene blue dyes using a cellulose-based adsorbent from sugercane bagasse: characterization, kinetic and isotherm studies
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Recent progress in the applications of silica-based nanoparticles
AA Nayl, AI Abd-Elhamid, AA Aly, S Bräse
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Graphene oxide: Follow the oxidation mechanism and its application in water treatment
AI Abd-Elhamid, HF Aly, HAM Soliman, AA El-Shanshory
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Fabrication of novel magnetic zinc oxide cellulose acetate hybrid nano-fiber to be utilized for phenol decontamination
HS Hassan, MF Elkady, AA Farghali, AM Salem, AI Abd El-Hamid
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Fabrication of polyacrylonitrile/β-cyclodextrin/graphene oxide nanofibers composite as an efficient adsorbent for cationic dye
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Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management, 2019
Review of the recent advances in electrospun nanofibers applications in water purification
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The nanomaterials and recent progress in biosensing systems: A review
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Possible use of synthesized nano silica functionalized by Prussian blue as sorbent for removal of certain radionuclides from liquid radioactive waste
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Preparation and characterization of layered-double hydroxides decorated on graphene oxide for dye removal from aqueous solution
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Metronidazole topically immobilized electrospun nanofibrous scaffold: Novel secondary intention wound healing accelerator
AA El-Shanshory, MM Agwa, AI Abd-Elhamid, HMA Soliman, X Mo, ...
Polymers 14 (3), 454, 2022
Methylene blue and crystal violet dyes removal (as a binary system) from aqueous solution using local soil clay: kinetics study and equilibrium isotherms
A Ibrahim, GF El Fawal, MA Akl
Egyptian Journal of Chemistry 62 (3), 541-554, 2019
Selective sorption of 134Cs and 60Co radioisotopes using synthetic nanocopper ferrocyanide-SiO2 materials
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Preparation and characterization of silica nanoparticles by wet mechanical attrition of white and yellow sand
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Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye using silica oxide nanoparticles as a catalyst
HF Aly, AI Abd‐Elhamid
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Incorporation of magnesium oxide nanoparticles into electrospun membranes improves pro-angiogenic activity and promotes diabetic wound healing
M Liu, R Wang, J Liu, W Zhang, Z Liu, X Lou, H Nie, H Wang, X Mo, ...
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Development of sponge/graphene oxide composite as eco-friendly filter to remove methylene blue from aqueous media
AA Nayl, AI Abd-Elhamid, AA El-Shanshory, HMA Soliman, ER Kenawy, ...
Applied Surface Science 496, 143676, 2019
Fabrication and characterization of effective biochar biosorbent derived from agricultural waste to remove cationic dyes from wastewater
AE Moharm, GA El Naeem, HMA Soliman, AI Abd-Elhamid, AA El-Bardan, ...
Polymers 14 (13), 2587, 2022
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