David Peris
David Peris
Dpt Biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway - ORCID:0000-0001-9912-8802
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The Genome Sequence of Saccharomyces eubayanus and the Domestication of Lager-Brewing Yeasts
EC Baker, B Wang, N Bellora, D Peris, AB Hulfachor, JA Koshalek, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (11), 2818-2831, 2015
Population structure and reticulate evolution of Saccharomyces eubayanus and its lager‐brewing hybrids
D Peris, K Sylvester, D Libkind, P Gonçalves, JP Sampaio, WG Alexander, ...
Molecular ecology 23 (8), 2031-2045, 2014
Comparative genomics among Saccharomyces cerevisiae× Saccharomyces kudriavzevii natural hybrid strains isolated from wine and beer reveals different origins
D Peris, CA Lopes, C Belloch, A Querol, E Barrio
BMC genomics 13 (1), 407, 2012
Complex ancestries of lager-brewing hybrids were shaped by standing variation in the wild yeast Saccharomyces eubayanus
D Peris, QK Langdon, RV Moriarty, K Sylvester, M Bontrager, G Charron, ...
PLoS genetics 12 (7), e1006155, 2016
Molecular identification of yeasts associated with traditional Egyptian dairy products
WM El‐Sharoud, C Belloch, D Peris, A Querol
Journal of Food Science 74 (7), M341-M346, 2009
The molecular characterization of new types of Saccharomyces cerevisiae × S. kudriavzevii hybrid yeasts unveils a high genetic diversity
D Peris, C Belloch, K Lopandić, JM Álvarez‐Pérez, A Querol, E Barrio
Yeast 29 (2), 81-91, 2012
Hybridization and adaptive evolution of diverse Saccharomyces species for cellulosic biofuel production
D Peris, RV Moriarty, WG Alexander, EC Baker, K Sylvester, M Sardi, ...
Biotechnology for biofuels 10 (1), 78, 2017
Efficient engineering of marker-free synthetic allotetraploids of Saccharomyces
WG Alexander, D Peris, BT Pfannenstiel, DA Opulente, M Kuang, ...
Fungal Genetics and Biology 89, 10-17, 2016
Reconstruction of the evolutionary history of Saccharomyces cerevisiae x S. kudriavzevii hybrids based on multilocus sequence analysis
D Peris, CA Lopes, A Arias, E Barrio
PLoS One 7 (9), e45527, 2012
Genome Sequence and Analysis of a Stress-Tolerant, Wild-Derived Strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Used in Biofuels Research.
HCT McIlwain SJ, Peris D, Sardi M, Moskvin OV, Zhan F, Myers KS, Riley NM ...
G3 (Bethesda) 6 (6), 1757-66, 2016
On the origins and industrial applications of Saccharomyces cerevisiae × Saccharomyces kudriavzevii hybrids
D Peris, R Pérez‐Torrado, CT Hittinger, E Barrio, A Querol
Yeast 35 (1), 51-69, 2018
In silico Whole Genome Sequencer and Analyzer (iWGS): a computational pipeline to guide the design and analysis of de novo genome sequencing studies
X Zhou, D Peris, J Kominek, CP Kurtzman, CT Hittinger, A Rokas
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 6 (11), 3655-3662, 2016
Mitochondrial introgression suggests extensive ancestral hybridization events among Saccharomyces species
D Peris, A Arias, S Orlić, C Belloch, L Perez-Traves, A Querol, E Barrio
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 108, 49-60, 2017
Mitochondrial DNA and temperature tolerance in lager yeasts
ECP Baker, D Peris, RV Moriarty, XC Li, JC Fay, CT Hittinger
Science advances 5 (1), eaav1869, 2019
Mitochondria-encoded genes contribute to evolution of heat and cold tolerance in yeast
XC Li, D Peris, CT Hittinger, EA Sia, JC Fay
Science advances 5 (1), eaav1848, 2019
Evidence for loss and reacquisition of alcoholic fermentation in a fructophilic yeast lineage
C Gonçalves, JH Wisecaver, J Kominek, MS Oom, MJ Leandro, XX Shen, ...
Elife 7, e33034, 2018
Enological characterization of Spanish Saccharomyces kudriavzevii strains, one of the closest relatives to parental strains of winemaking and brewing Saccharomyces cerevisiae …
D Peris, L Pérez-Través, C Belloch, A Querol
Food microbiology 53, 31-40, 2016
sppIDer: A species identification tool to investigate hybrid genomes with high-throughput sequencing
QK Langdon, D Peris, B Kyle, CT Hittinger
Molecular biology and evolution 35 (11), 2835-2849, 2018
Phylogeography of the wild Lager‐brewing ancestor (Saccharomyces eubayanus) in Patagonia
JI Eizaguirre, D Peris, ME Rodríguez, CA Lopes, P De Los Ríos, ...
Environmental microbiology 20 (10), 3732-3743, 2018
Natural variation in the multidrug efflux pump SGE1 underlies ionic liquid tolerance in yeast
DA Higgins, MKM Young, M Tremaine, M Sardi, JM Fletcher, M Agnew, ...
Genetics 210 (1), 219-234, 2018
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