Alexandra J Weisberg
Alexandra J Weisberg
Postdoctoral Researcher, Oregon State University
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Genome-Enabled Phylogeographic Investigation of the Quarantine Pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum Race 3 Biovar 2 and Screening for Sources of Resistance …
CR Clarke, DJ Studholme, B Hayes, B Runde, A Weisberg, R Cai, ...
Phytopathology 105 (5), 597-607, 2015
Evolutionary transitions between beneficial and phytopathogenic Rhodococcus challenge disease management
EA Savory, SL Fuller, AJ Weisberg, WJ Thomas, MI Gordon, DM Stevens, ...
Elife 6, e30925, 2017
Phylobiochemical characterization of class-Ib aspartate/prephenate aminotransferases reveals evolution of the plant arogenate phenylalanine pathway
C Dornfeld, AJ Weisberg, R KC, N Dudareva, JG Jelesko, HA Maeda
Plant Cell 26 (7), 3101-3114, 2014
Gall-ID: tools for genotyping gall-causing phytopathogenic bacteria
EW Davis II, AJ Weisberg, JF Tabima, NJ Grunwald, JH Chang
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Association mapping, transcriptomics, and transient expression identify candidate genes mediating plant–pathogen interactions in a tree
W Muchero, KL Sondreli, JG Chen, BR Urbanowicz, J Zhang, V Singan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (45), 11573-11578, 2018
A proposal for a genome similarity-based taxonomy for plant-pathogenic bacteria that is sufficiently precise to reflect phylogeny, host range, and outbreak affiliation applied …
BA Vinatzer, AJ Weisberg, CL Monteil, HA Elmarakeby, SK Sheppard, ...
Phytopathology 107 (1), 18-28, 2017
Morphological and transcriptomic evidence for ammonium induction of sexual reproduction in Thalassiosira pseudonana and other centric diatoms
ER Moore, BS Bullington, AJ Weisberg, Y Jiang, J Chang, KH Halsey
PLoS One 12 (7), e0181098, 2017
Isothermal Amplification and Lateral-Flow Assay for Detecting Crown-Gall-Causing Agrobacterium spp.
SL Fuller, EA Savory, AJ Weisberg, JZ Buser, MI Gordon, ML Putnam, ...
Phytopathology 107 (9), 1062-1068, 2017
Tropical soils are a reservoir for fluorescent Pseudomonas spp. biodiversity
LD Lopes, EW Davis, MC Pereira e Silva, AJ Weisberg, L Bresciani, ...
Environmental microbiology 20 (1), 62-74, 2018
Sequencing and de novo assembly of the Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy) transcriptome
AJ Weisberg, G Kim, JH Westwood, JG Jelesko
Genes 8 (11), 317, 2017
Similarity-based codes sequentially assigned to ebolavirus genomes are informative of species membership, associated outbreaks, and transmission chains
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The evolution, ecology, and mechanisms of infection by gram-positive, plant-associated bacteria
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Genome variations between rhizosphere and bulk soil ecotypes of a Pseudomonas koreensis population
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Evolution of the US biological select agent Rathayibacter toxicus
EW Davis, JF Tabima, AJ Weisberg, LD Lopes, MS Wiseman, ...
MBio 9 (4), 2018
The population genetic test Tajima's D identifies genes encoding pathogen‐associated molecular patterns and other virulence‐related genes in Ralstonia solanacearum
N Eckshtain‐Levi, AJ Weisberg, BA Vinatzer
Molecular plant pathology 19 (9), 2187-2192, 2018
Microbe-ID: an open source toolbox for microbial genotyping and species identification
JF Tabima, SE Everhart, MM Larsen, AJ Weisberg, ZN Kamvar, ...
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Correction: Evolutionary transitions between beneficial and phytopathogenic Rhodococcus challenge disease management
EA Savory, SL Fuller, AJ Weisberg, WJ Thomas, MI Gordon, DM Stevens, ...
eLife 7, e36350, 2018
A DeoR-Type Transcription Regulator Is Required for Sugar-Induced Expression of Type III Secretion-Encoding Genes in Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000
SE Turner, YY Pang, MR O’Malley, AJ Weisberg, VN Fraser, Q Yan, ...
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 33 (3), 509-518, 2020
Recurrent mutualism breakdown events in a legume rhizobia metapopulation
KA Gano-Cohen, CE Wendlandt, K Al Moussawi, PJ Stokes, KW Quides, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1919), 20192549, 2020
Re-evaluation of a Tn5::gacA mutant of Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 uncovers roles for uvrC and anmK in promoting virulence
MR O’Malley, AJ Weisberg, JH Chang, JC Anderson
PloS one 14 (10), e0223637, 2019
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