Magdy El Bably
Magdy El Bably
Assistant Professor, Anesthesia and ICU, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
عدد مرات الاقتباسات
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Comparative study between tramadol and combination of acetaminophen- famotidine in laparoscopic cholecystectomy
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Ropivacaine 0.75% peribulbar anesthesia in combination with general anesthesia versus general anesthesia in retinal detachment surgery.
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The effect of chemical lumbar sympathectomy on ischemic lower limb pain: single level versus double level technique.
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Effect of sevoflurane versus isoflurane in high-flow prolonged anesthesia on renal functions.
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Injection of hypertonic saline at anterior epidural space in prolapsed lumbar disc.
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Ropivacaine 1% plus lidocaine 2% and hyaluronidase25 IU / ml Versus bupivacaine 0.5% plus lidocaine 2% and hyaluronidase25 IU / ml for peribulbar anesthesia.
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