Yasuhiro Kodera
Yasuhiro Kodera
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
Consolidation of nanostructured β‐SiC by spark plasma sintering
T Yamamoto, H Kitaura, Y Kodera, T Ishii, M Ohyanagi, ZA Munir
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Consolidation of nanostructured SiC with disorder–order transformation
M Ohyanagi, T Yamamoto, H Kitaura, Y Kodera, T Ishii, ZA Munir
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Influence of synthesis temperature on the defect structure of boron carbide: experimental and modeling studies
U Anselmi‐Tamburini, ZA Munir, Y Kodera, T Imai, M Ohyanagi
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Synthesis and characterization of dense ultra-high temperature thermal protection materials produced by field activation through spark plasma sintering (SPS): I. Hafnium diboride
U Anselmi-Tamburini, Y Kodera, M Gasch, C Unuvar, ZA Munir, ...
Journal of materials science 41 (10), 3097-3104, 2006
Blue–green emission in terbium‐doped alumina (Tb: Al2O3) transparent ceramics
EH Penilla, Y Kodera, JE Garay
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (48), 6036-6043, 2013
Transparent nanocrystalline yttria-stabilized-zirconia calvarium prosthesis
Y Damestani, CL Reynolds, J Szu, MS Hsu, Y Kodera, DK Binder, ...
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 9 (8), 1135-1138, 2013
Transmitting, emitting and controlling light: Processing of transparent ceramics using current-activated pressure-assisted densification
Y Kodera, CL Hardin, JE Garay
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Mechanical properties of β-SiC fabricated by spark plasma sintering
TA Yamamoto, T Kondou, Y Kodera, T Ishii, M Ohyanagi, ZA Munir
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Effect of pulsed DC current on atomic diffusion of Nb–C diffusion couple
T Kondo, M Yasuhara, T Kuramoto, Y Kodera, M Ohyanagi, ZA Munir
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A low-temperature high-strain-rate formable nanocrystalline superplastic ceramic
DM Hulbert, D Jiang, JD Kuntz, Y Kodera, AK Mukherjee
Scripta materialia 56 (12), 1103-1106, 2007
Simultaneous synthesis and densification of transparent, photoluminescent polycrystalline YAG by current activated pressure assisted densification (CAPAD)
EH Penilla, Y Kodera, JE Garay
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Gain in polycrystalline Nd-doped alumina: Leveraging length scales to create a new class of high-energy, short pulse, tunable laser materials
EH Penilla, LF Devia-Cruz, MA Duarte, CL Hardin, Y Kodera, JE Garay
Light: Science & Applications 7 (1), 1-12, 2018
Influence of pulsed DC current and electric field on growth of carbide ceramics during spark plasma sintering
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Hydrogen storage Mg2Ni alloy produced by induction field activated combustion synthesis
Y Kodera, N Yamasaki, T Yamamoto, T Kawasaki, M Ohyanagi, ZA Munir
Journal of alloys and Compounds 446, 138-141, 2007
Synthesis of (Mg,Si)Al2O4 Spinel from Aluminum Dross
T Hashishin, Y Kodera, T Yamamoto, M Ohyanagi, ZA Munir
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 87 (3), 496-499, 2004
Broadband white light emission from Ce: AlN ceramics: High thermal conductivity down-converters for LED and laser-driven solid state lighting
AT Wieg, EH Penilla, CL Hardin, Y Kodera, JE Garay
APL Materials 4 (12), 126105, 2016
Thermomechanical properties of rare-earth-doped AlN for laser gain media: the role of grain boundaries and grain size
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Ultrafast laser welding of ceramics
EH Penilla, LF Devia-Cruz, AT Wieg, P Martinez-Torres, ...
Science 365 (6455), 803-808, 2019
Consolidation of SiC/BN composite through MA-SPS method
Y Kodera, N Toyofuku, H Yamasaki, M Ohyanagi, ZA Munir
Journal of materials science 43 (19), 6422-6428, 2008
Synthesis of strontium ferrite/iron oxide exchange coupled nano-powders with improved energy product for rare earth free permanent magnet applications
AD Volodchenkov, Y Kodera, JE Garay
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (24), 5593-5601, 2016
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