Narendra Dixit
Narendra Dixit
Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
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NM Dixit, JE Layden-Almer, TJ Layden, AS Perelson
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NM Dixit, AS Perelson
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The metabolism, pharmacokinetics and mechanisms of antiviral activity of ribavirin against hepatitis C virus
NM Dixit, AS Perelson
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences CMLS 63 (7-8), 832-842, 2006
Method and an apparatus for the identification and/or separation of complex composite signals into its deterministic and noisy components
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US Patent 6,208,951, 2001
HIV dynamics with multiple infections of target cells
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NM Dixit, AS Perelson
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SM Eswarappa, J Janice, AG Nagarajan, SV Balasundaram, G Karnam, ...
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Stochastic simulations suggest that HIV-1 survives close to its error threshold
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NM Dixit, CF Zukoski
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