Baris Hancioglu
Baris Hancioglu
Bioinformatics Scientist, Pfizer, Inc. (former Medivation)
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
عدد مرات الاقتباسات
A dynamical model of human immune response to influenza A virus infection
B Hancioglu, D Swigon, G Clermont
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MYH9 binds to lncRNA gene PTCSC2 and regulates FOXE1 in the 9q22 thyroid cancer risk locus
Y Wang, H He, W Li, J Phay, R Shen, L Yu, B Hancioglu, A de la Chapelle
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P Datta, J Ravi, V Guerrini, R Chauhan, MB Neiditch, SS Shell, ...
Molecular microbiology 97 (3), 408-422, 2015
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Non-monotonic Response to Monotonic Stimulus: Regulation of Glyoxylate Shunt Gene-Expression Dynamics in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
JA Ascensao, P Datta, B Hancioglu, E Sontag, ML Gennaro, OA Igoshin
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B Hancioglu, G Clermont, D Swigon
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Mutational mechanisms that activate Wnt signaling and predict outcomes in colorectal cancer patients
W Hankey, MA McIlhatton, K Ebede, B Kennedy, B Hancioglu, J Zhang, ...
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Laser capture microdissection of pancreatic acinar cells to identify proteomic alterations in a murine model of caerulein-induced pancreatitis
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Understanding the key parameters in optimization of steamfloods in heavy oil fields with application on SPE comparative solution project
C Temizel, S Purwar, S Dursun, B Hancioglu
SPE Kuwait Oil and Gas Show and Conference, 2013
Chromatin-associated APC regulates gene expression in collaboration with canonical WNT signaling and AP-1
W Hankey, Z Chen, MJ Bergman, MO Fernandez, B Hancioglu, X Lan, ...
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Mathematical modeling of virus dynamics in immunology
B Hancioglu
University of Pittsburgh, 2008
Laser Capture Microdissection and Proteomic Characterization of Acinar Cells From Cerulein Treated Mice Reveals Significant Up-Regulation of Cytoskeletal Proteins
JP Shapiro, H Komar, B Hancioglu, L Yu, P Hart, Z Cruz-Monserrate, ...
PANCREAS 45 (10), 1537-1537, 2016
Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Microcystic Elongated and Fragmented (MELF) Pattern of Myoinvasion Endometrial Tumor Cells Provides a Panel of Potential Proteins for Positive …
AA Suarez, JP Shapiro, B Hancioglu, L Yu, F Schatz, CJ Lockwood
Whole-exome tumor sequencing study in patients with biliary cancer with a response to MEK inhibitors.
DH Ahn, H Gulcin Ozer, B Hancioglu, GB Lesinski, CD Timmers, ...
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Opening the Black Box: A Critical and Comparative Investigation of Solvers and Methods in Conventional and Next-Generation Reservoir Simulators
C Temizel, B Hancioglu, S Purwar, S Dursun, S Tek
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A System of Key Performance Indicators in Intelligent Fields
C Temizel, S Dursun, S Purwar, B Hancioglu
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Dynamics of mitotic exit
B Hancioglu, JJ Tyson
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A dynamical model of influenza A virus infection: clinical and epidemiological relevance
B Hancioglu, G Clermont, D Swigon
Journal of Critical Care 4 (21), 355, 2006
Network architectures compatible with the nonmonotonic dynamics of central metabolism genes under hypoxic stress in M. tuberculosis
B Hancioglu, P Datta, E Sontag, ML Gennaro, OA Igoshin
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