Elsayed E. Hafez (ALCRI)
Elsayed E. Hafez (ALCRI)
City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
عدد مرات الاقتباسات
Preventive effect of the flavonoid, quercetin, on hepatic cancer in rats via oxidant/antioxidant activity: molecular and histological evidences
AEM Seufi, SS Ibrahim, TK Elmaghraby, EE Hafez
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 28 (1), 1-8, 2009
Biochemical and nutritional characterizations of date palm fruits (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
SA El-Sohaimy, EE Hafez
J Appl Sci Res 6 (6), 1060-1067, 2010
Biochemical and molecular aspects of aluminium chloride-induced neurotoxicity in mice and the protective role of Crocus sativus L. extraction and honey syrup
AA Shati, FG Elsaid, EE Hafez
Neuroscience 175, 66-74, 2011
Induction of defense responses in common bean plants by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
GM Abdel-Fattah, SA El-Haddad, EE Hafez, YM Rashad
Microbiological research 166 (4), 268-281, 2011
Isolation and identification of three-rings polyaromatic hydrocarbons (Anthracene and Phenanthrene) degrading bacteria
HE Abd-Elsalam, EE Hafez, AA Hussain, AG Ali, AA El-Hanafy
Am J Agric Environ Sci 5, 31-38, 2009
Lignin biodegradation with ligninolytic bacterial strain and comparison of Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus sp. isolated from Egyptian soil
HE Abd-Elsalam, AA El-Hanafy
Am Eurasian J Agric Environ Sci 5 (1), 39-44, 2009
Identification, phylogenetic analysis and expression profile of an anionic insect defensin gene, with antibacterial activity, from bacterial-challenged cotton leafworm …
AEM Seufi, EE Hafez, FH Galal
BMC molecular biology 12 (1), 47, 2011
Novel trend in colon cancer therapy using silver nanoparticles synthesized by honey bee
NM El-Deeb, IM El-Sherbiny, MR El-Aassara, EE Hafez
J Nanomed Nanotechnol 6 (2), 265, 2015
Assessment of genetic relationships among and within Cucurbita species using RAPD and ISSR markers
AH Heikal, HS Abdel-Razzak, EE Hafez
Journal of Applied Sciences Research 4 (5), 515-525, 2008
Acquired resistant motivated by salicylic acid applications on salt stressed tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
RA Agamy, EE Hafez, TH Taha
American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences 13 (1), 50-57, 2013
Presymptomatic breast cancer in Egypt: role of BRCA1 and BRCA2 tumor suppressor genes mutations detection
SS Ibrahim, EE Hafez, MM Hashishe
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 29 (1), 82, 2010
Antagonistic and inhibitory effect of Bacillus subtilis against certain plant pathogenic fungi, I
H Moustafa, GA Abo-Zaid, HE Abd-Elsalam, EE Hafez
Biotechnology 8 (1), 53-61, 2009
k-Carrageenan/poly vinyl pyrollidone/polyethylene glycol/silver nanoparticles film for biomedical application
MMG Fouda, MR El-Aassar, GF El Fawal, EE Hafez, SHD Masry, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 74, 179-184, 2015
Molecular characterization of soil microorganisms: effect of industrial pollution on distribution and biodiversity
EE Hafez, E Elbestawy
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 25 (2), 215-224, 2009
Construction of zinc oxide into different morphological structures to be utilized as antimicrobial agent against multidrug resistant bacteria
MF Elkady, H Shokry Hassan, EE Hafez, A Fouad
Bioinorganic chemistry and applications 2015, 2015
Microencapsulation of lectin anti-cancer agent and controlled release by alginate beads, biosafety approach
MR El-Aassar, EE Hafez, NM El-Deeb, MMG Fouda
International journal of biological macromolecules 69, 88-94, 2014
Bone mineral density changes in patients with recent-onset rheumatoid arthritis
EA Hafez, HE Mansour, SH Hamza, SG Moftah, TB Younes, MA Ismail
Clinical Medicine Insights: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders 4, CMAMD …, 2011
Characterization of alkaline protease produced by Streptomyces griseorubens E44G and its possibility for controlling Rhizoctonia root rot disease of corn
AA Al-Askar, YM Rashad, EE Hafez, WM Abdulkhair, ZA Baka, ...
Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 29 (3), 457-462, 2015
Molecular characterization of two native Egyptian ligninolytic bacterial strains
AA El-Hanafy, HE Abd-Elsalam, EE Hafez
J Appl Sci Res 4 (10), 1291-1296, 2008
Assessment of antibacterial activity for synthesized zinc oxide nanorods against plant pathogenic strains
EE Hafez, HS Hassan, M Elkady, E Salama
International journal of scientific & technology research 3 (9), 318-324, 2014
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