Yuri Galperin
Yuri Galperin
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
عدد مرات الاقتباسات
Handbook Of Theoretical And Computational Nanotechnology. Volume 7: Magnetic Nanostructures And Nano-Optics
M Rieth, W Schommers
American Scientific Publishers, 2007
Interaction of soft modes and sound waves in glasses
U Buchenau, YM Galperin, VL Gurevich, DA Parshin, MA Ramos, ...
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1/f noise: Implications for solid-state quantum information
E Paladino, YM Galperin, G Falci, BL Altshuler
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U Buchenau, YM Galperin, VL Gurevich, HR Schober
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Localized states in glasses
YM Galperin, VG Karpov, VI Kozub
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Non-gaussian low-frequency noise as a source of qubit decoherence
YM Galperin, BL Altshuler, J Bergli, DV Shantsev
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Dendritic and uniform flux jumps in superconducting films
DV Denisov, AL Rakhmanov, DV Shantsev, YM Galperin, TH Johansen
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J Bergli, YM Galperin, BL Altshuler
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M Kirkengen, J Bergli, YM Galperin
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On the acoustoelectric current in a one-dimensional channel
JM Shilton, DR Mace, VI Talyanskii, Y Galperin, MY Simmons, M Pepper, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 8 (24), L337, 1996
Dendritic flux patterns in MgB2 films
TH Johansen, M Baziljevich, DV Shantsev, PE Goa, YM Galperin, ...
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Population inversion induced by resonant states in semiconductors
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Finite-frequency shot noise in a correlated tunneling current
U Hanke, YM Galperin, KA Chao, N Zou
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Shuttling of electrons and Cooper pairs
RI Shekhter, Y Galperin, LY Gorelik, A Isacsson, M Jonson
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Models of environment and T 1 relaxation in Josephson charge qubits
L Faoro, J Bergli, BL Altshuler, YM Galperin
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Coherent transfer of Cooper pairs by a movable grain
LY Gorelik, A Isacsson, YM Galperin, RI Shekhter, M Jonson
Nature 411 (6836), 454-457, 2001
Thin superconducting disk with field-dependent critical current: Magnetization and ac susceptibilities
DV Shantsev, YM Galperin, TH Johansen
Physical Review B 61 (14), 9699, 2000
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