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ahmed hussien
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عدد مرات الاقتباسات
عدد مرات الاقتباسات
Evaluation of different salt-amended electrolysed water to control postharvest moulds of citrus
A Hussien, Y Ahmed, AH Al-Essawy, K Youssef
Tropical plant pathology 43 (1), 10-20, 2018
Sequencing, genome analysis and host range of a novel Ralstonia phage, RsoP1EGY, isolated in Egypt
AA Ahmad, KM Elhalag, HS Addy, MA Nasr-Eldin, AS Hussien, Q Huang
Archives of virology 163 (8), 2271-2274, 2018
Electrolysed water and salt solutions can reduce green and blue molds while maintain the quality properties of ‘Valencia’late oranges
K Youssef, A Hussien
Postharvest Biology and Technology 159, 111025, 2020
Potential use of soilborne lytic Podoviridae phage as a biocontrol agent against Ralstonia solanacearum
K Elhalag, M Nasr‐Eldin, A Hussien, A Ahmad
Journal of basic microbiology 58 (8), 658-669, 2018
Topical mitomycin C application before myringotomy and ventilation tube insertion: Does it affect the final outcome?
A Hesham, A Hussien, A Hussein
ENT: Ear, Nose & Throat Journal 91 (8), 2012
IRS-1 genetic polymorphism (r. 2963G> A) in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients associated with insulin resistance
AA Yousef, EG Behiry, WM Abd Allah, AM Hussien, AA Abdelmoneam, ...
The application of clinical genetics 11, 99, 2018
Preliminary investigation of alkaline and acidic electrolysed water to control Penicillium species of citrus
A Hussien, A Al-Essaw, MA Rehab, K Youssef
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Modeling of microscale solid rocket composite propellant
AM Hegab, H Sait, A Hussain, A Balabel, M Almutawa
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Fungi as ecosynthesizers for nanoparticles and their application in agriculture
K Youssef, AF Hashim, A Hussien, KA Abd-Elsalam
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Vaccination against some E. coli Serotypes Isolated from Diseased Broiler Chickens with Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD)
AH M Dahshan, A A Mohamed
Journal of Veterinary Medical Research 23 (2), 243-248, 2016
The Association Of Maxillary Accessory Ostia With Chronic Rhinosinusitis What is essential; ventilation or drainage
A Hussien
http://www.lifesciencesite.com., 2013
Outcomes after partial middle turbinate resection in surgical treatment of extensive sinonasal polyposis.
A Hussien
http://www.lifesciencesite.com., 2013
Comparative studies on the effect of aflatoxins types on the immunization of one-day-old broiler chicks simultaneously vaccinated against newcastle disease and infectious …
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Etiology of potato soft rot and blackleg diseases complex in Egypt
K Elhalag, N Elbadry, S Farag, M Hagag, A Hussien
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SKKD No. 0290/UN25. 5.1/TU. 3/2020" Sequencing, Genome Analysis and Host Range of a Novel Ralstonia phage, RsoPlEGY, Isolated in Egrypt"
A Ahmad, KM Elhalag, HS Addy, M Nasr-Eldin, AS Hussien, Q Huang
Using Magnetic Water Technique in Fertigation Process
W Sultan, A Hussien, N Hussein
Journal of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Engineering 10 (2), 95-98, 2019
Studies on the effect of different immunostimulants on chick's immune response to inactivated avian influenza and Newcastle Vaccines
A MM, S M Tammam, AH M Dahshan
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Organic and Inorganic Salts as Postharvest Alternative Control Means of Citrus
K Youssef, KA Abd-Elsalam, A Hussien, SM Sanzani, A Ippolito
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Characterization of E. coli and Salmonella spp. isolates associated with omphalitis in baby chicks
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Evaluation of the immune response to live infectious bronchitis disease vaccines and their effect for the protection against renal damage of layer chickens in Upper Egypt.
AL Hussien, M Dahshan, AS Hussien
The Journal of American Science 8 (12), 125-131, 2012
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